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In 2013, inspired by his passion for music and the dancefloor, Lee decided to try volunteering as a runner for the artist liaison team at Unknown Festival in Croatia. Unbeknown to him at the time, this would be the start of a whole new career. 


After this first show, having made a number of connections, Lee started working in artist liaison for a number of high profile clubs nights in Leeds and festivals such as Hideout in Croatia and Parklife. With his strong work ethic and friendly personality, Lee quickly moved up the ranks and in 2016 took the leap and became freelance in events and artist advancing industry, working on shows such as Elrow, the EMAs in Seville, Afro Nation in Ghana & Puerto Rico, Kendal Calling & Bluedot... to name just a few. 


Fast forward to 2020 and after some time out during the pandemic, MVMNT was born…

That said, we have established great relationships with some of the best in the music business, so we are able to come together to meet all your touring and event needs.  


MVMNT specialises in the following services: 


Artist advanacing 

Tour Management

Artist Liaison Management

Booking travel and accommodation

Accreditation management

Damian Simon, Parklife & WHP

"Lee has worked on a number of projects for me over the years and has always been a solid member of the team for every role he has taken on. His work ethic and non-shakable attitude allows me to rely on him and think on his feet to not only solve problems but avoid them all together in a fast paced, often stressful event. I would trust him to be able to successfully manage any task that comes his way with a smile on his fave which goes along a way in any event I have been involved in"

Maximono, Artist 

"Lee is handling my worldwide tour advancing for the past couple of years and i’m extremely happy to have him by my side. He‘s always been highly motivated, extremely professional and at the same time very easy to work with. I haven‘t had a single problem on the road since he‘s advancing my shows. I‘m looking forward to do many more shows with him in the future"


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